This program, developed by Ann Foster, Derek Bylsma and Oren Matteson, offers extensive support and wrap-around care for individuals during critical transitional times of their recovery including, but not limited to, the time between leaving inpatient care and transitioning into everyday life.

Personalized Attention

  • Dedicated therapist responsible for the creation and management of a specialized program of wrap-around care tailored to the needs of the individual using Millennium’s proven methods in addiction treatment.
  • Counseling sessions for the client and their core group of family and friends to establish roles within the client’s recovery support network.

Continued Accountability

  • Daily individual counseling sessions.
  • Inclusion in a recovery group that meets weekly.
  • Accountability to a Millennium counselor seven days a week.

Radical Acceptance

  • Homework assignments and exercises to help client accept addiction as a deadly disease and keep recovery first.
  • Counseling sessions to introduce how addiction has impacted everyone and the need for continued support for the whole family system.

Benefits include:

  • Continued momentum towards success in recovery.
  • Expert counselors with years of experience treating addiction.
  • Proven methods of developing personal support networks & new lifestyle routines.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the Chicago recovery community to best complement an individualized recovery plan.

Also ask about our 3A-Plus option which adds home visit coaching for relapse prevention and dual diagnosis clients.

For more information, contact:

Derek Bylsma 312.460.8001

Oren Matteson 312.460.8001