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Welcome to Millennium Counseling Center

Our mission is to help people find a way out of the bondage of self-hate, shame and pain often caused by addiction, mental illness and trauma. We believe that with hard work and dedication, people can reclaim the hope that these diseases insidiously strip away.

“Hope is yours. It’s time to soar.”

Needs We Serve

Mental Health

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Anxiety disorders
Childhood trauma
Abuse issues


Chemical dependency
Sex addiction
Eating disorders
Other process/appetite addictions


Sexual orientation issues
Grief and Loss
Marriage counseling
Couples and relationship issues

Our counselors are experienced in treating a wide range of disorders, addictions, and other various issues not listed here. Please contact us with your questions or to set up an appointment.

Our Approach

  • One-on-One Counseling

    One-on-one counseling is the most common and widely used approach to treating mental health challenges. This method often helps treat a wide range of addictions, disorders, and relationship issues.

  • Couples Counseling

    Couples counseling is a commonly used therapeutic approach to help any type of couple address the challenges in their relationship. Though romantically involved couples often use these services to increase communication or work through conflict, other non-romantic couples, such as siblings, parent-child or work colleagues, can benefit from this as well.

  • Group Counseling

    Group Counseling is an extremely important component to a person’s recovery regardless of what brings them to counseling. Millennium was founded on the ability to offer clients multiple modality treatments to best support their treatment and recovery.

  • Intensive Treatment Program–3A

    3A stands for personalized Attention, continued Accountability and radical Acceptance. Benefits include continued momentum towards success in recovery, proven methods of developing personal support networks and new lifestyle routines. We also have comprehensive knowledge of the Chicago recovery community to best help clients complement their individualized recovery plan.

Almost two decades of Healing, Hope, and Recovery

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We’re Open and using Telehealth!

During this time of uncertainty, there are many challenges that we all are facing. One of the ways that we are getting through this time is through supportive counseling. If you are finding yourself in greater struggle, speaking with a therapist can help!

We’re here to help, all of our counseling services are available.

Our licensed counselors are providing video therapy sessions that are HIPPA compliant to ensure the safety of our clients. We are doing individual, group and intensive recovery counseling.

Please reach out regarding any questions or visit us on our social media @millenniumhope and @giftsofthereset

Be Safe and Take Care

The Millennium Counseling Team