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Sports & Performance Wellness Division | Mission

We have a unique approach to mental health for athletes. While many people focus on performance, we look to help athletes at all levels improve their mental health and overall wellness. With our therapeutic approach, we ensure every athlete we work is connected to a licensed counselor that predominately have been division 1 athletes. This allows us to understand what you are going through, not only through our understanding of how the brain works but also in the world of athletics. We’ve been there. And we want to help. We are the Sports & Performance Wellness Division of Millennium Hope Counseling.

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Athlete Concerns We Treat

Intense physical, emotional, and mental demands that are taxing on the mind and body

Failure-based depression

Performance-related anxiety

Intensive time commitments: sport, school, social life, family life

Resolving team conflict

Lack of confidence in performance and inability to preserve self-esteem

Leaving a sport or team

Distress over playing time & riding the bench

Dealing with Injury

How We Work With Athletes, Teams, Clubs, Universities

We work with athletes/coaches through one v one counseling, contractual agreements & through our
new 8 Week Training Program:

Weekly 1 v 1 with former Athletes/Master’s Level Clinicians.

Weekly ``Mindful Mondays`` with meditation, psycho. ed., discussion (can be anonymous).

Daily check in using Blueprint and specialized daily assessment for student/athletes

Utilize specific assessments to target areas of concentration

Monthly special event - Guest speakers, workshops, etc.

Lifetime access to content; library featuring past speakers, workshops, podcasts, additional relevant content

At completion of the program each participant will receive assessment of areas of improvement, future goals, and detailed plan on how to stay on track and continue growth as an athlete & person.


Sarah Meister

Sarah Meister LPC, NCC

Director of Sport & Performance Wellness

Derek Bylsma

Owner ~ Executive Director
Haydyn Anigan

Haydyn Anigan

Primary Counselor

What The Athletes Are Saying

“I have had a great experience with the Millennium Counseling group and their expertise in working with athletes. I have seen the benefit for many of my players and our team overall. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for support.”
-Divison 1 head coach

“Sarah has had a deep impact on my overall quality of life. She provided me with a compassionate, honest and relaxed environment, and helped me preserver through difficult times. Sarah is a fantastic therapist and a great human being. I’d recommend anyone, especially athletes, to work with her!”
– Men’s Division 1 Collegiate Soccer Player

“Millennium Counseling group has a wealth of experience to successfully guide student athletes toward improved athletic and mental performance. The team does a great job using their own playing and coaching experiences to help convey their message and to connect with their athletes.”  – Ex Division 1 Track Athlete



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