The word “recovery” simply means finding something that’s lost. In this intensive, participants will recover hidden “miracles and treasures” that may have been lost to them. They’ll be invited to dig, uncover, and plant a new foundation for living.

Using various therapeutic techniques including EMDR and Rising Strong™, participants will have the opportunity to explore family of origin issues as well as current struggles. They’ll also begin to break free from traumatic wounds as well as behaviors, beliefs and feelings that have kept them stuck and unable to grow.

Who should attend?

Addicts, Codependents, ACOA’s, Co-addicts and anyone else who feels “stuck” in their process.

Who will facilitate?

We have experienced clinical staff who will facilitate this intensive. We are committed to providing everyone who attends the best possible environment for change and growth.

For more information, contact Oren Matteson at 312.460.8001 or email him at