Below are inspiring stories from some of the folks we’ve helped

The counselors at Millennium Counseling Center are the top of their field. They are compassionate and committed to help their clients recover. When I found Millennium I was feeling completely heartbroken, in shock and devastated. They helped us understand the disease of addiction and were so patient and gentle with us. I realize now that couples can live through the crises, betrayals and lows of addiction and come out stronger, more connected and in a healthier relationship than before. To put it simply, when I was hopeless…Millennium Counseling Center gave me hope and I am forever grateful.


I showed up at Millennium Counseling Center thinking I had done so much work on myself.  I thought I was cured but just needed a tune-up. I found out I needed so much more. Experiential therapy reached deep inside and pulled out my soul.  I was re-parented by Millennium’s caring professionals.  I learned what “healthy” really meant. I learned how to trust God.  I also learned how to get honest with myself for the first time in my life.  Millennium Counseling was the best gift I ever gave myself.


I kept going to therapists knowing something wasn’t right in my relationship but never got any better. My experiences were assumed to be erroneously perceived observations. No one believed me. When I walked in the doors of Millennium, I was heard and affirmed for the first time.  I wasn’t crazy, as other therapists made me feel, but I was in pain and needed help.  I received that help at Millennium.


I came to seek counseling, as most people do, during a time of great pain in my life.  Ann and her team at Millennium quickly helped me see the spiritual opportunity that was hidden in the rubble of that pain.  I remain in deep gratitude for the gentle, loving guidance I received at Millennium.  When I think about my time at Millennium, I think of a quote by Maya Angelou:  “At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel”.


All the professionals at Millennium are top notch and you can tell they really care!  This is not just a job for them; this is their mission and their passion.  They want you to succeed in your recovery and in your life.  I am eternally grateful to them.


I was at the end of my rope.  My addiction was out of control and it left me isolated, alone, shameful, and terrified of the future.  I began working at Millennium and they helped me see that I had options.  I could live a different and much better life.  With their help, today I walk with integrity, have vastly improved relationships, am reconciled with my family, and look for better things to come.