Primary Counselor

Reylla Santos is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) with a master’s degree in Clinical Forensic Psychology from The Chicago School and a doctorate degree in Counseling Education and Supervision from Adler University. Dr. Santos specializes in substance addiction, multicultural counseling and social justice. Clients who benefit the most from Dr. Santos’ approach are those who often feel outcasted by their environment, misunderstood in their relationships, or limited in their careers.

Immigrating from Brazil as an adult gave Dr. Santos the experience that many people face while trying to be accepted, which increased her clinical and research interest in minoritized groups. Although Dr. Santos has been working with marginalized populations and people struggling with addictions for over a decade, she works with anyone who is willing to explore themselves and work toward feeling fulfilled. She sees people as experts in their own life; therefore, she seeks to create a collaborative environment; however, expect her to challenge you.

Dr. Santos believes that the utmost achievement of human beings is being able to live freely with their authentic self. Therefore, she strives to develop a respectful and caring relationship because she understands that liberation is great but also painful. Throughout sessions, she focuses on equipping her clients to resolve conflicts within themselves and with others, challenge internalized thoughts, and feel more confident and free.

For additional information or to set up an appointment, please contact me at:

PHONE 312.460.8001