Mariclare Kanaley

Mariclare is an Intern at Millennium Counseling Center. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education, Psychology, and History from Marquette University. She is currently pursuing her Master of Education degree in Community Counseling at Loyola University Chicago.

Mariclare’s decision to enter the counseling field stemmed from eight years of classroom teaching where she discovered her passion for emotional healing in a collaborative setting. She believes that you are the expert of your story and that each of us is capable of growth and change. She recognizes that the human experience is unique to each individual and inevitably includes periods of joy, grief, discomfort, and uncertainty. In therapy, you can focus on the unique aspects of your story, find your voice and embrace your life experience.

When clients work with Mariclare, her hope is to guide them towards building self-confidence and self-acceptance. She utilizes mind, body and spirit therapeutic techniques as well as humor, warmth and care. She also offers a calm and soothing environment to heal for clients dealing with trauma.

Mariclare believes in the power of transformation, growth, and discovery.

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