Primary Counselor

Lilly is a Licensed Social Worker (LSW). She has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Georgetown University and a master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Chicago. Lilly works with a wide population of clients including teens, young adults, and student athletes.

Lilly embarked on a career in counseling to help people live a fulfilling life by connecting them with their own human experiences, relationships, and histories. Lilly cares deeply about establishing a collaborative therapeutic relationship and meeting the client where they are with an open mind. She believes that individuals she works with are the authors of their own stories. In her work, Lilly prioritizes active listening, authenticity, empathy, and value identification. She works from trauma and cultural informed approach. Lilly aims to help people navigate the emotional, relational, and logistical challenges that come with the different phases within the human experience. She wishes to create a welcoming space in which she can be a witness to one’s experience.

As a former Division I athlete and current elementary coach, Lilly understands the demands of being a student athlete. Sport is a relentless grind— injury, interpersonal struggle, mental and physical tests. She is dedicated to supporting others by providing validation towards the duality of identities that are human and athlete – mind and body. Lilly takes an integrated approach in helping her clients heal, grow, and thrive.

“A curious mind can be the start to someone’s understanding, and someone else feeling seen, heard and understood.” (Da ’Shaun L Harrison)

For additional information or to set up an appointment, please contact me at:

PHONE 312.460.8001

Lilly Wehman