Primary Counselor

Katie holds her Bachelor’s Degree in psychology from Loyola University Chicago and a Master’s Degree in counseling from DePaul University.  Katie is also EMDR trained.

Katie has a background in long-term care coordination and supporting clients with intellectual and developmental disabilities. She has served clients with complex medical and mental health needs, while also providing support to their families.  Katie believes that all people are capable of living meaningful and balanced lives, but to do so, they must look inward. Using a client-centered, strengths-based approach, Katie provides a safe and supportive environment for her clients.  She strives to incorporate manageable steps and tools to support her clients through that journey. Her clinical focus includes, but is not limited to, relationship challenges, addiction, and anxiety.

Katie believes that difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.

For additional information or to setup an appointment, please contact me at:

PHONE 312.460.8001