Primary Therapist

Heidi Barr has her Master’s in Social Work from California State University, Long Beach. Heidi received a double degree at Texas Christian University: a Bachelor’s of Science in Social Work and a Bachelor’s of Arts in Writing. Heidi is a Licensed Social Worker (LSW) as well as a Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist Candidate (CSAT Candidate II).

Heidi specializes in betrayal trauma. She has experience working with partners of sex and pornography addicts and partners dealing with trauma from affairs. Heidi is passionate about addressing the specific needs of trauma unique to sexual and relational betrayal. Heidi works with partners of all addicts including chemical addictions and other process addictions.

Earlier in Heidi’s career, she was a social worker in the areas of foster care, child abuse and neglect, hospice care, sex trafficking and children with autism. Through Heidi’s experiences with diverse populations, the common thread is trauma: Heidi has walked alongside adults and children in the midst of difficult, often tragic times and helped them minimize the effect of trauma on their lives.

A life-long athlete, Heidi pairs her education with her belief in health and body-awareness. This comes together in her practice with individual, couples and groups in a body-centered approach to healing, recovery and optimum living.

Heidi believes that partners of addicts deserve to be heard, empowered and have the opportunity to heal. All partners of addicts should know they are not alone.

For additional information or to setup an appointment, please contact me at: PHONE 312.460.8001

Heidi Barr | Sexual Addiction