Elizabeth Furbish

Elizabeth is an intern at Millennium Counseling Center. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in English from Boston College and is currently pursuing her M.Ed. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at DePaul University.

Prior to entering the field of counseling, Elizabeth spent over 15 years in advertising working to connect brands with consumers in authentic ways. Her decision to pivot fields sprung from a deep desire to transform her passion for both narratives and people into service by connecting individuals with themselves and their own stories.

Elizabeth strongly believes that “human experience is finite, but interpretation and perception of that experience are infinite.” With that in mind, working with Elizabeth will be a collaborative process, during which she will help you explore the unique story of your life and how the chapters have come together to build the narratives you are currently telling yourself. Together, you will work to re-write the particularly painful or harmful parts of this narrative in ways that can empower more joy, self-acceptance, and peace.

Elizabeth approaches her work with an open heart and a strong sense of empathy, alongside a belief in the power of an objective voice to affect meaningful change.

For additional information or to set up an appointment please contact her at elizabeth@millenniumhope.com