Supervisor ~ Senior Counselor

DeVona is a Licensed Professional Counselor. With dual master’s degrees in divinity and counseling from Loyola University Chicago, DeVona Alleyne utilizes a client-centered approach. DeVona’s goal is to help clients access what brings them peace, strength and meaning.

As a former journalist and creative communicator, DeVona can quickly connect with people struggling through a variety of life changes: anxiety, depression, addiction, trauma, career shifts or a need to renegotiate matters of faith. She also has extensive experience guiding survivors through the aftermath of sexual assault. DeVona can also take a spiritually-integrative approach. Based on her clients’ desires, she recognizes that people can find meaning within their life experiences with or without adherence to any particular faith tradition. This includes issues related to gender identity, sexual orientation, attraction and expression.

DeVona provides support to individuals, dating partners and married couples. In addition, she has a special interest in facilitating groups for people struggling with social anxiety and women whose partners are sexually addicted. DeVona values the healing potential created when people can authentically connect with others and strives to assist clients in building a supportive community. DeVona believes that the good news for any client is that they have the power to rewrite their stories and create a better ending for themselves.

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DeVona Alleyne | Anxiety, Depression, Sex Addiction, Trauma, Career shifts