We are focused on helping individuals reach optimal performance by taking a therapeutic approach to excel, not only through sport and the arts, but through overall wellness. Our mission is to help individuals maintain a healthy balance between life and performance.

About Us

We help individuals before and after performance. We provide services that cater to individual and group needs to help improve overall performance. We have the ability to work with individuals of all skill levels and ages. We strive to assist groups and individuals to reach peak performance, positive mental health, and overall enjoyment in all aspects of life. Derek Bylsma has a passion for this work and has specialized training and experience. Please see his bio HERE for more information.

Who We Work With

Individuals, teams and groups of all ages and skill level

    • Youth Athletes
    • High School Athletes
    • Collegiate Athletes
    • Recreational Athletes
    • Professional Athletes
    • Coaches
    • Clubs
    • Companies
    • Musicians
    • Actors
    • Parents

What We Do

Therapeutic approach to performance
We not only help improve performance and overcome challenges, but we take a therapeutic approach to address psychosocial stressors that can affect overall performance.


Services/Topics Addressed

We address the following clinical issues: Anxiety, Depression, Eating Disorders, Body Image, Emotional Regulation, and Substance Use.

Additional Topics

    • Positive Self-Talk
    • Focus
    • Pre-Performance Anxiety
    • Overcoming Injury
    • Goal Setting
    • Stress Management
    • Building Motivation
    • Attitude
    • Confidence
    • Imagery and Visualization
    • Routines
    • Retiring from Competition

We work to develop individualized plans to meet the needs of different competitors/performers.
Every client is different, so no two plans will be the same. We work to formulate treatment plans to specifically meet the needs of each individual. These plans can be adjusted on a weekly basis as we work with the client and learn more about their needs and issues.

Services for the individual:
We work from the mindset that the client leads every meeting, but we will be prepared with a performance plan to meet the needs of the client at that time.

  • We will conduct an individual intake to discuss challenges both in and out of competition/performance.
  • We will use the Nine Mental Skills questionnaire. Once completed, we’ll discuss the results and develop a personal performance plan.
  • We will establish goals that can be worked towards during sessions.
  • We will assist the client in confronting the challenges in everyday life which can hinder overall performance.
  • We will help the client gain insight into mental strengths and weaknesses in and out of the “arena”.
  • We will provide a safe space for clients to address psychosocial stressors that can directly impact performance.

Services for Teams & Groups:
We provide interactive workshops for teams, coaches and companies. In these workshops, we can address communication, leadership, team cohesion, etc. We work alongside coaching/management staff to discuss challenges and get feedback to better understand team dynamics and to provide the most effective workshop.

  • Presentations are available for coaches, athletic departments, and companies to introduce MCC Performance Consulting services.
  • We also provide coaches, teams, and individuals with tools to be utilized in team and individual training.

For more information, contact Derek Bylsma
at 312-460-8001.