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Navigating Your Mental Health and Recovery

Now more then ever, you need to attend to your mental health. In this episode, we discuss how to navigate and manage your mental health on a daily basis. We touch on medication, meeting with a professional, and daily habits that you can attend to during tough times to maintain a positive mentality.

Are You Lonely? You’re Not Alone

Are You Lonely? You’re Not Alone

“The greatest gift you can give another is your time, your attention, your love, and your concern.” – Joel Osteen According to a survey by health insurance company Cigna, three out of five Americans consider themselves lonely — that’s 61%. Loneliness is an American epidemic. As a therapist who works largely on attachments, I see this epidemic…

The Gametime Guru Podcast Featuring Derek Bylsma

The Gametime Guru Podcast Featuring Derek Bylsma | Mental Aspects of Sports

I had the opportunity to be a guest on The GameTime Guru Podcast with Shane Larson to discuss the mental aspects of sports. Playing soccer growing up and eventually going on to D1 soccer in college, I learned early on that mental toughness was essential to be successful as an athlete. In this episode we discuss lessons from sports that you transfer outside the game to work and relationships.  As…

Entrepreneur Perspectives Podcast Featuring Derek Bylsma

I had the opportunity to be a guest on the podcast, Entrepreneur Perspectives (listen here). This podcast is produced by the content marketing team of KazSource. It’s a weekly podcast where Eric Kasimov, the CEO of KazSource, chats with inspiring and influential people in the business world–it’s all about helping you the business leader build and…

Are You Wise? - Millennium Counseling Center - Chicago, IL

Are You Wise?

Wisdom has always been considered an admirable attribute of personality but has remained a rather abstract concept due to the complexity of its nature. Life span developmentalists began to study wisdom as an example of positive aging, but it was difficult to study the concept scientifically and test concrete hypotheses. In 2003, a questionnaire measuring wisdom was…

Something to Talk About - Millennium Counseling Center

Something to Talk About

There’s an old Bonnie Raitt song called, “Something to Talk About” that’s about falling in love and giving folks “something to talk about”! As I thought about that song, I realized that when something special happens to us like falling in love, we want to TALK about it! We want to tell the story, share all the details,…

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Why Building Client Relationships Is Important to Us

Building client relationships and developing trust is very important in the recovery process. Our counselors believe in the client and connect with each individual upon first contact. On the rare occasion that our counselors do not connect on a deep level with clients, we happily send the individual to one of our trusted connections in…